30 November, 2011

We found a new camping spot!

 *for some reason I seem to have left several posts in a draft state. I am obviously not right in the head.

Columbus Day Weekend found us down in Brewster MA at the Sweetwater Camping Ground. We had planned on staying there the weekend before we went to stay with my parents, but the hurricane put a stop to that. As I had already paid for the trip I decided to move it to another weekend. I don’t know how the weather was where you were, but down on the Cape it couldn’t have been better. The view was pretty nice too.

This place had 5 playgrounds and Spotty was determined to find them all. There was one just down the road a bit from us that he spent a rather large amount of time at. He met a younger boy there and every time we passed his site (either walking or in the car) he would shout out “HI M!” the response to him was at times deafening as two campsites would shout out “SPOTTY!!!!!” (I believe they were having a VERY good time for themselves.) I was feeling pretty bad about Spotty playing alone, until I realized that he was having a good time. At some point we need to find families that like to camp, and can put up with Boy Toy being the cranky bastard that he is. Yea, that should be easy…

It was Halloween weekend at the campsite and as luck would have it I happened to pack something that worked out really well. We have never trick or treated in a campground before, who knew it would be a blast? Did I mention there was a hayride as well?

I love this photo of Spotty

There was time for ping pong and video games, but sadly no canoeing, maybe next year!

Before we left the Cape we went out for breakfast. Spotty as usual seemed to have a good time.