20 December, 2011

Dear Spotty Chop you were 81 months old awhile ago

You have had a couple of nightmares this month. In one the world turned sideways and you were clutching the road. Then you were in your school playground and you asked your teacher if you were having a nightmare and she said yes. Then we weren’t even in our house but there were 3 gingerbread houses and I was going to give you the biggest one. Then you woke up and came out to find us.

You and I play a game “mad bull”. I get on all fours and chase after you. You try to hop on my back. Once you are on my back I whip around to get you off. It makes you giggle.

I got to go to school and eat lunch with you. There was a line to get into the cafeteria and lots of parents were already sitting down. When I got to you I could tell you were upset. Your teacher said she had just told you to put a smile on because I would be walking through the door any minute. I told you that if I say I am going to be somewhere I will ALWAYS be there. Jmans mom was dealing with a sick red and she somehow missed it. Jman is so even tempered, didn’t freak out, was very, “she must have forgot, it happens”. I told him that I would eat lunch with him too. You and he then proceeded to ignore me and play.

I went scrapbooking and you and Boy Toy came down the Cape to stay in the hotel and to swim. Unfortunately when we got there we found out the pool was closed. Fortunately they said they would give you passes to a hotel down the road and you could swim there. While I sat in a room with 80 women cutting and sticking, you guys: went swimming for hours, went bowling, went to an arcade, explored the hotel, and went for a walk on the beach. I am glad you guys came. If you had stayed home the two of you would have sat in front of the TV watching the boob tube or playing video games. The first time you came down to visit me all by yourself I told you how proud of you I was for finding your way to me. You said “mama I just follow my eyes, they know the way.”

You tried turkey this Thanksgiving and apparently like the dark meat. You also tried dinner roles and seem to love them. This is good, as the tragedy that I feared most has come to pass. You will no longer eat baloney sandwiches. You apparently no longer like bread, but will eat baloney plain, with a cheese stick. I almost had a nervous breakdown when for the 3rd day in a row you didn’t eat your sandwich. I’m like dude, all you had to do was talk to me, let me know. I just don’t want you to get hungry. I am not going to get mad because you don’t like something. But I do need you to eat.

You have had a REALLY hard time with your temper this month. So much so that I really want to…punch your father in the head with a 2x4. No a nail gun. Nono a morning star. Maybe the Washington monument? You are getting angry anytime we ask you to do anything. When I asked you what we could do to help you said “punch me”. You are also being mean and sneaky. I don’t like it. Dada thinks it is because you are not getting enough sleep. You have been waking up before 6am and not going to bed until 9pm or later. I think you are waking up so early because you want to play video games. I just told you that you will not be able to play video games or watch TV until 6:30am. If you wake up and just want to snuggle with me while I work I am good with that. We will see if that helps you stay asleep. I am purposely scheduling meetings in the early morning so that I don’t have to drop you off at the morning program and can let you sleep for an extra hour and then play and then drop you off at school and go to work. SLEEP CHILD!

Forgot to add how much in love you are with Froggy. Nannie gave you name holders for Turkey day and asked if you would put them on the table. One side of the table had 3 plates (for me your dad and you) the other side had 2 (for favorite bro and Froggy). You put the place holder for Froggy down and then you put the name holder with the name not facing outward next to her. Guess who’s name was on it? I don't know if someone spoke to you because after that you put your name on the other side of the table with Froggy between you and favorite bro. She is sooo tickled pink that you love her.

We are in the countdown toward the BIG DAY. I hope Santa is good to you.


The mama