10 September, 2011

What a difference a few months make!

Spotty has started fall soccer and I am amazed with how much better he is playing this season compared to last season (granted, last season was his first season). His dribbling is natural, he is so much more aggressive and he seems to really get the game. He scored 3 or 4 times his first game but he also prevented 4 or 5 goals by being in the right place at the right time. We over heard a father telling one of the kids Spotty was playing with that “you can’t take the ball away from your teammate (Spotty); you have to get open so he can pass to you.” We started chatting a little while later. He was impressed with how good Spotty was and lamenting that his son didn’t quite know the rules as this was his son’s first time playing. We laughed and said that Spotty started playing last season and we were blown away with how much better he was playing now. We explained that last season all Spotty did was pass he never really wanted to run with the ball.

We were worried when we first walked up to the field because Spotty seemed to be so much bigger than everyone else on his team. Turns out he is the oldest member of the team by a month. Apparently he really grew this summer. His team does have a lot of little kids on it, but last spring he was the smallest on his team. I am glad he is still in instructional. I think this will be a big confidence builder for him. Plus? I love watching my boy run!