06 August, 2011

Doctor Doctor Give me the News and it better not be Kidney Stones....

And I would appriciate it if it was good news. I think I am pretty much done with feeling like crap. Although last week really was the icing on the Frelling Cake

So I cracked a tooth, was in a tremendous deal of pain, dentist put a temp fix in. Went in the next day,while she was trying to fix the tooth, it exploded. She patched it up fine. Tooth pain equalls migraine. I had to call my neurologist because my meds weren't working. She had me try some different things. It finally worked. and then...THEN?

A kidney stone from hell. I had forgotten HOW bad a bad episode could be. I am used to them moving in their sleep, this was a ROAD TRIP.
I got morphine which helped tremendously. I was such an idiot. I was playing the martyr card a bit. By the time I drove myself to the hospital (my choice, I didn't want to wake Spotty up for this) I was in agony.
Start of headache, the doctor/nurse told me when I said I was starting to get a headache that morphine can do it to you, but Vicodin can help...For the love of Christ, I don't want to take more pills!!!! (and you know coming from me...that's saying something).

Now 2 weeks later I am set for surgery on Monday. I saw one doctor who thought since I may have passed a 10mm stone a few years ago I should be able to pass the 8mm one. Last Tuesday I spoke with another doctor who said "you will be in surgery by Monday, you will not pass this."

So it's lasers up the Woo Woo time again. This time they had better frelling find it. I DO NOT want to go through all this for nothing. Although if they do not find it, they will not have to put in a stint in and then remove it during an office visit.