13 September, 2011

Dear Spotty Chop you were 78 months old several days to a few weeks ago

You have grown a bit; all of your pants seem to end at your calves.

J Man was finally at camp and the two of you have been adventuring like crazy.

You were a real trooper when I had to hit the hospital and was out of commission for a few days (more like 3 weeks of crazy). You never complained when I couldn’t do the things we usually do, and you and dada managed not to kill each other, so thanks!

You are Papa’s best bud. You only want to play with him and have adventures. Nannie says she doesn’t mind…but I think she may be a little grumpy about it. You work Papa so hard that he usually needs to take a nap before you leave. You two had some amazing adventures this summer. Aquarium, Science Museum, multiple kayaking trips, Hammond Castle , trips to the beach, drawing of maps, playing in sprinklers, playing hide and seek and other crazy chasing games. You keep Papa young.

You will not eat grapes, blueberries, green beans, or carrots. The only 3 foods you have always turned to whenever you are hungry. You are eating cherries, which is grand, but the season is ending and dude, you got to find some other fruits and veggies.

One of my cousins got married and we all went to the wedding. You made my heart stop when at one point during the night you walked over to me held out your hand and said “mama will you dance with me?” Multiple people came up to me to tell me that they were

1.) Jealous that their sons didn’t ask them to dance

2) Amazed that you had to courage to dance in front of everyone. May this last your entire lifetime!

I am truly one lucky mama.

We had a pretty decent hurricane, Irene. We had no power for close to a week, and had to cancel a camping trip, but we did end up going to the Cape with Nannie, Papa, Favorite Brother and Froggy. The Cape had no power either, but there was plenty of sun at the beach. You are besotted with Froggy. You told me that you had a double crush on her because “she is so beautiful and nice, who wouldn’t have a crush on her?” You are the sweetest thing ever!

I know you did plenty of cute things, and had very amusing and insightful things to say, but this past month blew lemon scented chunks for me. Hopefully next month will be better.

The end of the summer is a bummer unless you have your 2 best friends in your class, then you can’t wait for the summer to end so you can go back to school and see them EVERY DAY!