03 July, 2011

Dear Spotty Chop you are 76 months old today

One day you were so excited to be part of “the band” that your afterschool friends created. The next day when I went to pick you up, you were dancing, spinning and jumping around. You told your daddy that the band had kicked you out. When we asked why you said “you don’t need to know why”, dada said “I would like to know”, but you instead told us that you said fine I will make up my own band with 4 people. The members of your band are: a girl and the 2 Y counselors. You frelling amaze me. I would have been devastated and crying hysterically. Maybe you were at some point, you are super sensitive like me, and it’s a curse not a blessing. But when I picked you up you were working hard on your dance moves, when you told us about not being in the band you didn’t act upset. I would have been upset for days and hurt for so much longer.

You and dada had a conversation before we started watching game 3 of the Stanley Cup. Dada told you that this was an important game and that the Bruins had not been this far in the series since the early 1990’s. You said “well after they win we should have a big celebration the day after. It could be like the best day ever!” You were right kiddo it was!

There has been a ton of end of the year stuff to do at your school. There was a concert with all the kindergarteners. Nannie and Papa were able to come. I screwed up the camcorder and only tapes about 30 seconds of it. I was bent out of shape. You asked Nannie and Papa if they would like to meet your friends and then proceeded to introduce them to everyone in your class, every teacher and then had them running around the school to show them all of your classes and what you did in each. It was so sweet. I am amazed at how old you are at times.

I volunteered at Field Day. I manned the Mummy Wrap station. There were lengths of cloth attached to a spindle like thing and your partner was supposed to wrap you up like a mummy. There was also a bin of “dress up stuff” and you could decorate your mummy if you wanted to. I also participated in a parent vs teacher tug of war. At first there was only 1 guy standing out there for the parents. I couldn’t let that be the end of it, and yes we won.

We also went on a field trip to Southwick Zoo. Jman and his mom were there as well as Crazy boy and his mom. We got there right as they were opening and then were told to hit the parking lot around 1pm (we were the last group out). You had a blast with the animals and your friends. But I seriously think you all loved the playground the most. Who knew?

We went to the drive-ins and saw Cars 2. We went with Jman and his family. It was awesome seeing you running around with the kids. We ate pizza, popcorn, candy and sat in the back of the Jeep as the mist slowly turned to rain. I won’t saw downpour, but it was certainly wet. You were a bit freaked out at first. You seemed to think it was going to be scary. It wasn’t but at one point Jman had his hands over his ears and you had your hands over your eyes.

You started summer camp. Every evening when I pick you up you run to me and when I ask you how your day went you tell me it was the BEST DAY EVER. You have made new friends. You are swimming in a lake. You are playing on playgrounds. You are making art. You are waiting for Jman and Flame (his sis) to come to camp as well. I hope they are going there. You are really looking forward to being in camp with them. A bunch of your friends went to the summer program run by the same folks that do the before and after school program. Dada and I started feeling bad that most of your friends (or at least kids you know) are together and you are not. Dada talked to you about this the other day and explained that we didn’t want you to have to do the same thing you do during school all summer long and that the camp you are in sounded to us like the most fun. You said “it’s ok dada, I really like this camp.”

You also started going back to Nannie and Papa’s 1 day a week. When I got to the house, you were hiding under the kitchen table with a napkin over your face. You were so convinced that Papa couldn’t find you. It was a good thing because Papa had a broom and was shouting “I will hit you with a broom until you cry like a little girl.” Which I guess if you didn’t know my father, or Spotty or me would sound vaguely wrong. Instead we were all shrieking with laughter. You were really upset when we left because Papa couldn’t get out of work early and you felt like you didn’t have enough time to play. I reminded you that you would be seeing them every week and maybe we could plan a sleep over so Papa could have you a whole day. That made you happy.

Our 2nd camping trip of the year is going on even as this is being read. The 4th of July trip is my all time favorite!

You have started coming back into our bed every night again. You have fine tuned your ninja skills as neither your father nor I notice it until we wake up at 5 am.

I love you kiddo!