29 June, 2011

Who Says…you can’t enjoy a pop song?

I just realized I like this song. Is it a Disney manufacture? Yes. Is the “Star” actually singing? I think so.

I know a lot of people hate the “pop princesses” that Disney churns out. Approximately every 4 years or so, as soon as one becomes a bit too old for the tween crowd there is another waiting in the wings, ready to be over exposed and exploited. Lord knows I have made snarky comments on the interchangeable moppets’.

I believe that for many of them, Disney, their parents, the media, and they themselves do a disservice to society as a whole. But truthfully this affects me in no way whatsoever. Spotty Chop has no interest in them. Of course he may someday. Perhaps his heart will even break because of one of them. I will have to cross that bridge if it’s ever in my sights, but not today.

I think the world can do worse than a song that tells kids to question people that are full of negativity. It sucks that kids may have to hear this message in a song, but let’s face it, some kids have parents that SUCK, and some kids simply need to hear things multiple times before they believe. Hell, it isn’t just kids that need to hear the message.

Not everyone has a Spotty Chop in their lives.

You’ve got every right to a beautiful life…