11 July, 2011

Fransted Campground 4th of July 2011

Happy Belated 4th of July to those of you that care about that kind of stuff. Guess what we did? NO, No…well ok but only when Spotty was asleep. We spent our time in the White Mountains of New Hampshire with our favorite campground that is celebrating its 50th year in existence. I have probably mentioned this before, but this is my favorite trip of the year. It is the one trip we keep to ourselves. Granted we really aren’t camping with folks much anymore. Between Boy Toy’s crazy search for a job where the Asshats run under supervision - not free (and perhaps some paid vacation time) and other people having kids that are now older and (gasp) lives of their own, well life happens. For those of you keeping track we still have to go camping 3 times a year through 2017 to get a decent ROI on the tent. Oh and they now have this.

I want this so bad I can taste it, but did you see the price? In Euro’s? and the exchange rate? Frell me hard, that will add a couple of years before optimal ROI, but I NEED THIS.

Odd but looking back at the weekend I realize that there was no rock throwing. NONE. In fact we didn’t go to the river at all. Spotty went to the office a few times. We had to hit Littleton early on Saturday because we found out at bedtime Friday night that Spotty’s air mattress had a leak. Luckily I brought 4 extra sleeping bags so we used that as a cushion. Turns out. THE MUTHER FUCKING MICE ATE HOLES IN THE AIR MATTRESS. I HATE THEM ALL!!!! We hit Duncan’s, Walmart and Chutters all before 10am. Then we headed back to Franconia to watch the Parade. They limited parking even more and we were a bit nervous (as it looked like folks started parking before we hit Littleton), but as luck would have it (and we have had several years of good luck) we were able to pull right into a spot under a tree so I had shade Yea! It did not see as crowded as in years past, not sure if the weather (I did mention that we set up in the rain didn’t I?) or if the gas prices are what keep folks away. We had a great time, there were floats, vets and folks tossing candy our way, what more can we ask for? The rest of the day was spent playing, reading, eating and a private fireworks display.

The next day was the Fransted Fair. There were waterslides, a bounce house and an inflatable obstacle course. I have no photos (not true I have several crappy photos) as it of course started to drizzle that turned into something that was less that a downpour, but more than a passing shower. We also tie dyed. Life is good. We had a scary moment with Spotty. He was bouncing in the bouncy house and he and an older kid smashed into each other, Spotty’s nose hit the kids head/cheek. Spotty was not himself for at least an hour, we were worried he had broken his nose. Luckily he did not, his nose finally looks normal, and after an hour Spotty was back to normal so all was well.

So not much happened, which is just the way we like it.