20 July, 2011

Best Thing in the World to Look At

I think I saw this on someone's blog, can't remember who. What I remember is people talking about what they love to look at.

I like to look at stuff, maybe you do to

  • Spotty Chops face when he sleeps, smiles, laughs.
  • My father’s face when Spotty is snuggled up against him.
  • A beach in the moonlight.
  • Tulips, my mom’s favorite.
  • Dragonsnaps, because when my bro and I were littles my da would chase us around the yard making the “dragon roar”.
  • A field of wildflowers, just because. 
  • A fire in a campsite.
  • The stars seen from anywhere away from a city.
  • A newborn baby.
  • A room my mom “stages”, so clean and inviting,so unlike the clutter filled mess I live in.
  • The view from THE PORCH, alas it is no more but it remains in our memories.
  • A bookstore.
  • Ice cream.
  • Old couples holding hands.
  • Men with children holding hands.
  • Photos of Boytoy and Spotty walking away from me.
  • The view when we are driving up to the white mountains on Memorial Day, after that dip in the highway when the mountains “just appear”.