22 June, 2011

Memorial Day Camping at FransTed

I figured I should probably try to get this post in seeing as we are going camping again in a little over a week. God we love camping but let me tell you that this trip didn’t start off so great. I spent the night before tossing my cookies all night, why? Who frelling knows. I then had to pack up the car myself, not a big deal, I do it pretty much every trip as Boy Toy is always working. I felt like ass, it was hot, I wanted to clean the house so I could come home to a clean house…never happened.

The trip up was fine, we listened to the first 3 books in the Secrets of Droon series. Spotty LOVED it. He has mentioned that he wishes we had a DVD player in the car like Grammie, but I think books on tape/cd are so much better. I also found in Newbury Comics a CD of Where the Sidewalk Ends by Shel Silverstein. We don’t have this book, but have Falling Up and we read it often. Anyhoo, Traffic SUCKED. Boy Toy was in a panic as the Bruins were playing an important game. We finally get up there and scope out a couple of bars to see if they have the game on. They do, but they are all crowded. We pull into the campground and a note is on the office door “no movie tonight Bruins Playoff on!” Boy Toy is in 7th heaven. We fly up to the site, put the outside of our tent up, he runs down to watch hockey. It starts to rain which turns into one of the worst thunder storms they have seen in a long time. Of course it is pouring. I am trying to get the rest of the tent together, it is pitch black, I have gotten our things under a tarp, Spotty is a little freaked out by the storm and all I want to do is throw up. I was certainly not as patient with Spotty as I should have been. I broke the pole of our additional shelter (goes over the table and keeps tons of stuff dry). Boy Toy comes up and I am huddled in a ball in the middle of the tent with Spotty leaning against me. It’s after 9pm we haven’t eaten since 2. Boy Toy drives us down to the office, we get milk and eat cereal. He drives us back to the site and then goes to watch the next period. Spotty and I eat cereal, I put two air mattresses on the ground with the sleeping bags on top and say “I am DONE, lets read”. Side note: our tent is German made, I have mentioned it on several occasions. I LOVE this tent. I would marry this tent and have its babies. But, the tent itself does not attach to the floor so long story short, bugs can get in. I did not care. We read and slept and the next morning had no bug bites at all (and as we ALL know by now, the Bruins won and advanced WOO WOO!)

Saturday was great, we hung out at the campground did campground things and also did the Littleton thing. I was starting to feel better and Spotty was feeling better because we set the tent up the right way “it just doesn’t feel like camping with the tent all wrong”. Sorry buddy.

Sunday was Story Land. Spotty and I had a blast.

Wasn’t the best trip we have had, far too much drama between Boy Toy and I. Here’s to hoping the next trip has less asshattery.