07 February, 2011

Thematic Photographic 133 - Singles

If you have never heard of this, click here

A brief intro - Carmi takes kick ass photos, he is also a techie dork. He challenges you the reader to come up and post a photo that matches his theme challenge.

I do try on occasion to not have Spotty be the only type of photo I take.

Carmi’s theme this week is singles. So I am posting a few photos of my only college roommate.

Roomie died in October of 2008 and I have to say I am having a harder time now dealing with her death than I did when it was still fresh. Roomie and I could go months without speaking and then we would cram as much stuff into a few conversations as we could. I think it’s just been too many months of not talking to her..

This was Roomie at my baby shower. I now know that she had just miscarried her second child. She still showed up to support me and soon to be Spotty Chop.

This is a photo of us at a Father Daughter dance. Simmons was all over this crap. I love this photo because this shows her goofy side

This is a photo of us at The Others wedding. The 3 of us made a team of “tiny pagan ladies”. I think we both look awfully purdy.

So Weenie meister meister weenie Fuck you for being dead. I don’t like it and I still miss you.


janie said...

yes you do both look gorgeous, so sorry for your loss, close friends are so precious.

Karen S. said...

So sorry she is gone, but how amazing the time you shared and wow what great photos to enjoy...my mother sadly left this life too early...and if only she would have allowed more photos of her...I always told her as she popped a pillow to cover her face what happens when you leave us and we can't look back.....sadly we don't have many happy real life photos...all I can say is power to the photos we do have! These are really beyond great! What a treasure.... ;)

me said...

thank you both for your kindness.