03 February, 2011

Dear Spotty Chop you are 71 months old today

You are playing Star Wars Lego’s. Cousin P let you take his X-Box version so you restarted from the beginning. Your daddy is amazed at how well you are playing. You had all of the characters in the first row except for one in a matter of hours. You wanted to quit, but your dad was like “no way, I know we can find this one, it’s in the room somewhere”. So he is running around, he can’t find it he is trying everything and you say “we need someone to fly” while daddy was thinking “someone that flies is R2D2 or Boba Fett” then you said, “daddy use Bobo Fett”. You and dada came up with the same resolution at the same time.

You are Wicked Smaht!

I wasn’t feeling well, bad cough and while I was in the bathroom coughing my lungs out you came in and started rubbing my back. “Are you ok mama? You will feel better soon”.

You are so sweet.

You started swimming lessons. You seem to be really enjoying them. Hopefully by this summer you will be even stronger than you were last year. Not that I will let you be in the pool area alone, but it will make me feel better once I know you are a strong swimmer. You are a pretty fast swimmer, maybe you will want to race?

You and daddy sometimes make dinner, it was going really well until you accidently brushed against a hot pan. You got a decent burn and said you would never cook again. Luckily you dad was able to convince you that you could still do prep work without touching any pans.

One of the snow storms we had recently forced me to do some shoveling. At some point the front door opened and you walked out, fully dressed with boots, hat, mittens and jacket. I was amazed that you could do all that without any assistance or prompting.

We were over Auntie D, #3 and Mantha’s, we haven’t seen them since before X-Mass. You had such a good time playing with their puppy. She chased you around the house and when you tripped and fell to the floor, she pounced and then licked your face for so long that you could hardly catch your breath because of how hard you were laughing.

We watched you sing at a school concert. Nannie and Papa came too. You were so handsome. I watched as your face lit up when you saw Nannie and Papa, then you were looking for us and if possible your face grew even brighter.

We went to the Providence Bruins, your cousin Hockey was playing in between periods. Hockey got the only goal for his team. When Hockey came back in the stands to watch the 3rd period you told him that “you are the best hockey player I know, I was really proud of you!” Hockey and his mom seemed really touched by that.

Love to love ya baby!