15 February, 2011

Good God am I in Trouble

Yesterday, Spotty Chop and his father come into the house after a Home Depot run. I hear Spotty stomping towards me and as he is walking into his bedroom (where I was folding laundry) I hear "MAMA, What do YOU mean you didn't marry Dada? YOU can't be living together!" indignant and with righteous anger.

"Oh baby", I said, "your daddy and I have been together for longer than most, if not all of your friends parents. We love each other and just didn't feel like getting married."

"Well, I don't know, I have to think about this, you shouldn't be in the same house."

So I go to Boy Toy "what the fuck!" and he laughing says "he asked me on the ride home if we had a good wedding and I said 'if you say so' and then he asked if we were even married and I told him he had to ask you."

THIS ladies and gentlemen is WHY I never married the asshat.