03 June, 2010

Dear Spotty Chop you are 63 months old today.

You asked your daddy “would it be ok if on Saturday you mama and me danced to the music on the TV?” HELL YA baby!

You don’t fuss nearly as much when I put sunscreen on you.

I am getting glimmers of what you will be like as a teen…god help the both of us.

We made monster spray. Take 1 spray bottle, wrap it in white paper. Draw things that make you happy (you chose a football, soccer ball and books) add lemon juice (monsters hate the smell of lemons and things that make us happy) and water. Spray at bedtime. So far so good, we spray the room, the floor and Spotty. No monster sightings yet!

Conversation you had with Nannie recently
Spotty: When I get married I will wear colorful clothes.
Nannie: What do you mean colorful?
Spotty: You know Oranges and Yellows
Nannie: well who are you going to marry?
Spotty: My mom silly!
Nannie: What about your dad? What will he do?
Spotty: Oh yea, he’s already married her, but that’s ok we can both be married to her. And Favorite Brother and Froggy will be my ring bearers.
Nannie: And what will they wear?
Spotty: Something colorful. Uncle Favorite Bother can wear a Dragon dress and Auntie Froggy will just be pretty.

When you fall asleep you fold your hands as if in prayer and then lay your head on top. OH MY GOD YOU ARE SO FRELLING CUTE.

We have a routine for bed. Before I leave your room I say “good night, sleep tight and dream of bed bugs tonight! And I will see you…in the…(and I make up something ridicules”) you always say “morning and night”. Then I tell you I will NOT come in to give you kisses and you tell me I must come in and give you 1 million thousand kisses. Pretty much any time I pass your room I have to wander in and give you a kiss. I like knowing you are still breathing.

You sometimes read to me when we are in the car.

You have started drinking regular milk (non-chocolate)

I can't wait for the summer to start so we can go swimming!

Before we headed up to Fransted you stubbed your toe...

Spotty: FUCK
Us: What did you just say?
Spotty: FUCK
Us: Honey that's not a word we really want to be using
Spotty: I'm not using the bad word FUCK I am using the FUCK word you use when you hurt yourself

What can we say to that?

While we were camping I forgot my glasses. You were so sweet. You held my hand and walked me to the bathroom every morning to make sure I was safe. You told me when to duck my head, and when to jump over rocks and logs. You opened up the bathroom stall and lead me into it and then walked me to the sink so I could put my contacts in. Then you took my hand and walked me back to the site.

Love you kiddo!!!