17 June, 2010

Book Review: Cry Wolf by Patricia Briggs

Alpha and Omega, Book 1

Anna is not what comes to mind when I think about werewolves, then again Anna isn’t an ordinarily werewolf. (Does anyone else find it funny that I apparently have thoughts on ordinary werewolves?)

This is a cross over from Mercy Thompson’s world. I really love authors that do that. Take a minor or new character and place it in “their” world, but slightly different. The book did take me a wee bit to get into; I kept thinking I had missed the first book in the series and was reading book two. It took me a bit to realize that this was a cross over. I think my brain needs to be exercised. I am getting too used to people starting at the beginning….or reading series where I’ve been to the beginning.

Let’s get started shall we? We meet Anna after she has been rescued from her Alpha. Her new mate Charles killed him and his second. Anna is an Omega, a wolf who has no desire to rule. An Omega has the ability to calm the most bestial of werewolves, which comes in handy as werewolves tend to be a bit…crazy. Charles is Brand’s son, the same Brand who brought up Mercy and the brother of…Samuel the wolf trying to get into Mercy’s pants. Charles is HOT and spooky everyone is afraid of him except for Anna who is afraid of everyone except him. We meet a 1300 year old wolf who has been trying to get Brand to kill him for years. Asil is afraid that he is going crazy. He keeps dreaming about his mate who was tortured hundreds of years ago. Anna and Charles aren’t having an easy time of it; Anna was raped and tortured to force her to change into an Omega. Charles is far too used to being alone. But there is a rouge wolf out there killing folks and someone has to fix things. Brand thinks it’s a great idea to send Charles and Anna out; they will have time to just be together, get to know each other. Unfortunately they meet up with a 1000 year old witch, and a werewolf that seems to be a dead ringer for Asil’s wife.

I like seeing Brand and company from a different angle. We also aren’t introduced to every mythical create out there as we are in Mercy’s world. Maybe they will be keeping this wolfier? I wonder if Mercy and Anna will meet up in the future. Not sure how I feel about that. Right now I think I like Mercy more, but I have had several books to get acquainted with her. I’m willing to give Anna some time.