04 September, 2009

Thematic Photographic 65 - Perspective

***Carmi has another good one this week. Perspective.

I have actually been wondering what to do with some of these photos.

Spotty Chop LOVES to take pictures.
Here is his perspective on what was photo worthy during our last camping trip!

****If you don't know what Thematic Photographic is all about here is what Carmi has to say (and you should listen to him cauz he's wicked SMAHT)

Your turn: Thematic Photographic is fairly simple and fun, and I hope you'll take part. All you have to do it take a picture reflective of this week's theme, then share it. In this case, perspective can be optically tangible, or it can be a little more topically abstract. The fun lies in how you choose to interpret it. Once you've got your pic, post it to your blog, then come back here and leave the link in a comment.

If you're new to TP, read on...

  • Every Wednesday evening, at precisely 7 o'clock Eastern, I post a new Thematic Photographic Each entry has a unique theme. This week's is...perspective!
  • You post a similarly themed image over on your blog.
  • You paste a link to your entry in a comment here.
  • If you've already posted something that fits (on a blog, Facebook, MySpace, wherever) simply post the link to the existing entry.
  • Old or new, all photos are welcome.
  • You may post as many photos or links as you wish. For the next week, I'll be supporting this theme with a related picture/posting each day. I encourage you to do the same. This is all about sharing, so feel free to share to your heart's content!
  • Please share this link with friends, too, and encourage them to join in. The more, the merrier.
    And please accept my thanks for your enthusiasm. Your participation has made TP a true highlight for me each and every week.


Anonymous said...

Perfect kid perspective. I thought about this but didn't follow through with the idea. I'm glad you did! :)