03 September, 2009

Dear Spotty Chop you are 54 months old today

You got to spend a TON of time with B-52 and Lennon this month. They simply adore you. I am so glad I am making the effort (and they are too) to spend more time together. B-52 came to our house one day when I was working. You guys swam and played cars and video games. We went camping with them and you entertained them with your sword skills. Lennon and you played wiffle ball. We all swam together. B-52 also watched you when I had to work. Nannie has been in and out of the hospital and was not able to watch you. The boy’s really stepped up to the plate for us. The wackiest part of this is that Ladybug (the white kitty) apparently was playing with you. YOU HAVE NO IDEA HOW WEIRD that is. Ladybug HATES EVERYONE but B-53 and Lennon. But she likes you.

We took Mantha and you to 6 Flags. Didn’t really turn out the way I hoped. But God’s willing you will remember the fun and not the drama. We did manage to hit a bunch of rides that the two of you enjoyed. They involved water…go figure.

At the hotel we had our first instance of Internet safety. There was a dad and his 5 year old son swimming in the pool and everyone got to chatting. You were asking the son if he had any nicknames. You started talking about your “online” name and then started to tell them your password. I explained that only family got to know your password. You seem ok with that. But I know this won’t be the only time we have this discussion with you.

You of course have stopped sleeping in your bed all night. I CURSE YOU written word!!!!

We went to Waterfire and had a blast. There is something so nice about being able to walk around at night listening to music hanging out by the water. Eating kettle corn till we are sick just adds to the glory!

You start your “Star” year. I can’t wait to see how the next few months turn out. I hope you have a blast.

You and your daddy have been reading Captain Underpants together before bed. I am not included and that's ok, because coming home from buying you new sneakers from the back seat we hear, "today on the Laimer show, dada, the bigest laimer of all, and mama, who is not laim.

You have also started to bike ride with your da. You usually end up walking home. I need to get a bike so I can go with you.

You are such a great kid. You truly are a joy to be around. We are working on being better parents so you will in turn become an even better kid.

Hopefully we don’t screw you up too badly…