07 September, 2009

Book Review: Iron Kissed

Mercy Thompson Book 3

Our favorite auto mechanic is back and is now getting herself into trouble with the fae. Zee, our favorite gremlin, asks for her help. There have been several murders on the fae reservation and they need to find the killer. Mercy being Mercy finds herself in trouble for seeing (or smelling) more than she should. Things go from bad to worse when Zee gets arrested for murdering a human. Mercy must now find the real killer even though the fae seem intent on sacrificing Zee as a scapegoat to human fears.

And to top it all off? The Gray Lords know Mercy’s name. But even that is the least of her worries. Mercy must make a decision between the two dominate werewolves in her life. Things are coming to a head between Adam and Samuel and if something isn’t done soon it’s gonna get ugly.

All this and more can be yours…if you read the damn book


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