10 August, 2009

Dear Spotty Chop you are 53 months old recently because I am apparently just sick of the computer and refuse to look at in during the weekend.

You now have a big boy bed! And it’s not just any big boy bed it is a (queue 70’s music) water bed. That’s right you are now cooler than about 90% of the US population. You have Star Wars sheets (that match mama’s), Dr. Seuss sheets (which have far too many turtles on them you feel) and some kick ass tie dye sheets. The bed is big enough for the two of us to snuggle and read books in. You can do your crazy night time wandering and still be totally comfortable. We can even fit daddy on the bed if we have to.

Angel chorus of Hallelujah

You now sleep in your room the whole night (you will of course immediately stop doing this the moment I hit save.) Do I miss at times waking up at 3am and having your head nestled under my chin? Yes. Do I miss rolling over and having you reach up to play with my hair? Yes. Do I miss moving my head and getting a whiff of you? Yes. Do I miss waking up every night falling off of the bed because you used your father’s stomach as a springboard and your head as a battering ram? No. Do I miss being woken up at 4am because in the midst of getting comfortable you slammed your skull into my nose? Not so much. Do you wander into our bed around 6 or 7 am to snuggle? Yes. Is it good ? Hell Yes. More importantly, I think you are getting more sleep. You seem to be more even tempered. You are proud of your bed. You love to show it off.

Have I mentioned swimming? You now swim? Underwater? Do backwards somersaults? Underwater? Can almost do front somersaults? Underwater? No floaty things for you. You want to be FREEEEEEEEEEeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. I can’t wait to get you into lessons. Great exercise. Good family times. And most importantly? COOL POOL TOYS!!!!

We had friends over for dinner. You showed them your Bakugon collection. When you came to the end you said “and last, but certainly not least….” You crack us up.

We had one of your school friends over to the house. Our first hosted play date. You were great. Shared your things, didn’t have a meltdown. Can’t ask for anything more.

You found a “costume” box I put together and now you and daddy run through the house in disguise. Mainly as THE GOOD GUYS (full SWAT with accessories). I have been relegated to the “Evil butt stink monster”…

You and your daddy were drawing with chalk. You wanted purple chalk but we didn’t have any. You told your daddy that maybe you could use the color stuff for water. Boy toy had no idea what you were talking about so you brought him to the cabinet where I keep baking stuff. You both came to ask me if we had food coloring. I put a few drops in water and off you ran. Stuck the chalk into the water. Guess what happened? The chalk turned purple. My first instinct would have been to hop in the car to buy purple chalk. You are so much smarter than we are.