18 May, 2009

What happens when you don’t move fast enough…

Spotty Chop has mentioned several times in the past week or two that he would really like to go see Moo & Freakshow. I told him we would make plans. Last Wednesday as we drove to school he told me that he had the best dream. “I dreamed I was at Auntie Moo’s house playing and I had a lot of fun.”

We went to Moo’s house on Saturday.
We managed to:
Play piano

play in the attic
play in the sandbox
play on the trampoline
play on the tire swing
Make freakshow play Wii
play on the zip line
play every board game
read books
eat gum balls

I am sure I am missing something. Needless to say, he had a good time

Sunday we made jello and blueberry muffins

Right now I am listening to Boy toy and Spotty play soccer in the hallway.

I love my life