31 May, 2009

Camping with a 4 year old or Memorial Day 2009 at Fransted!

Our first camping trip of the season is behind us. A grand time was had by all. The weather was great Friday and Saturday. We had campfires. We threw rocks in the water. We threw more rocks

in the water.

We went to Littleton and made our annual trip to Chutters and Aylakai. We stopped in at a silver shop so that I could buy a new chain for my turtle necklace. Spotty Chop and Boy Toy roamed around. Apparently Spotty found some things that were beautiful and wanted me to see them because I would “LOVE THEM”.

He first brought over a ring

Then a bracelet

As he moved on to some other pieces Boy Toy dragged him out of the store…I wonder if my purchasing everything he showed me had something to do with that?

Chutters was a lot more fun for Spotty as his candy requirements are becoming more refined. All I know is I managed to leave there with a $7.00 bag of Kettle corn.

I had a really scary moment while we were camping. There are usually lots of dogs at the campground. It’s not specific to this campground, I think folks with pets see them as part of their families and this is one vacation you can bring your pet with you. There was a beautiful husky puppy that a young girl would walk around the campground. While Spotty and I were throwing rocks off the bridge she came walking by. She told us the puppy loves kids.

I always make it a point when I am with Spotty to ask before I touch a dog. I think it’s a good habit to get into. Spotty and I were both excited to see the puppy we petted, cooed, did all the things you do when you see a pretty puppy. Spotty and the puppy were playing a game of tag across the bridge (hindsight) and at one point the puppy almost knocked him off the bridge. I was able to quickly get to Spotty and make sure he did not fall over. Another couple walked by with their much smaller dog and the puppy went after it (not in an I WILL EAT YOU, more a “let’s play LETS PLAY kind of way.)

I almost threw up realizing how close to harm Spotty came. He could have broken his neck/back, worse….we had another incident with the girl and dog later on in the weekend. Jack and Rita asked how Spotty got all cut up and we explained what happened. They suggested we go to the mom and explain what happened. I did plan on it, but between making sure Spotty was fed and a fire built to keep us warm, I never got a chance. If they are there the 4th I will pull the mom aside. I don’t want to get the girl in trouble; I just think she needs to perhaps take a class with her dog if she is going to be the primary trainer.

Sunday it rained, and rained and rained. Lucky for us we have a “TENT”. Vaude. Learn the name, buy their tents. God bless German know how. Boy toy and Spotty went off in the rain to throw rocks in the river. I was by myself for the first time in…I have no idea. I read. Sunday was also Murdock’s Birthday. Before the festivities we played mini golf and ping pong. Then there was cake and ice cream.

Monday was gorgeous. Of course it was time for us to go home. We grabbed sandwiches and headed to the basin for a mini hike. Which required our 40th change of clothes.

I will pack accordingly for the 4th



Amy said...

That looks so awesome, I'm jealous. I don't know how you guys make it out so often, we get one trip a year, probably not until August this year! Glad you guys had fun, he is getting cuter by the minute.

Mojo said...

"Vaude" you say? Never heard of them, but I'll take your word. How are they for weight -- as in schlepping weight, not material weight.

And just so's ya know... pets are family!

Glad Spotty didn't come to any grave harm. Puppies -- especially large breed puppies -- often don't realize just how big they are. Or how strong. And with a husky, or any working breed for that matter -- you really have to be in charge. Because if you're not, the dog will be and that just can't happen ever.

me said...

Amy - Please you guys do more with your kids in a day then we do in a month of Sunday's

Mojo - as for schlepping, put a world class goalie (your choice) in full uniform, soaking wet, carrying a Hummer. This particular tent is for car camping only. Unless you wilderness camp with a dolly, not that WE have ever...

Amy said...

Um, hello - I was referring specifically to how many times a year you go camping, not anything else. We go camping once a year, we do fun (usually free) stuff all year long, 'cause I'm awesome like that. Oh, and I need to get the heck out of my house!

Niecey said...

Looks like fun. Nice pics.