01 October, 2008

Pink in October

You may have noticed a little change...I'm going PINK in October. I saw Hayley Townley, Breast Cancer Survivor Extraordinaire at Carmi's (isn’t that where you meet everyone?) and she is going pink for October. As I have friends and family that have either kicked cancer’s ass…or unfortunately been kicked in the ass, this is something that I can really stand behind. How about you?


Barb said...

You got it! My blog is in the pink, too!

pelf said...

Since you've already gone pink, perhaps you'd also like to also take part in our month-long contest?

There is also a "Share Your Story" segment where you can share a true story, or encourage your friend/family/neighbour/colleague to share theirs.

Head on to Pink for October website for more details! :D

Heidi said...

Cool idea!