17 October, 2008

Good Bye Roomie

My college roommate died today.

I went to visit her this morning after I dropped off Spotty Chop. Funny thing is I almost didn’t. My kidney stones were making themselves know and I thought “well I have the day off, maybe I should just stay home”, then I thought “she has frelling cancer, that hurts a bit more, shut up and get your ass in gear.” So I drove to her house. When I got there the nurse was getting ready to get her up for a shower. Her mom told me to run in and say hi. Her hubby was in the room working. I gave her a kiss and said hey, I thought I would read to you (I used to read to her before we fell asleep back in the day) and she said that would be nice, she would like that. I told her to take her time, I wasn’t going anywhere. I went back to the kitchen grabbed the kids and started to play. I kept playing when I heard folks yelling for each other. I ran to grab the little dude (2) when he ran out of the room and out of the corner of my eye saw her on the floor. I kept the princess (5) busy playing camping even though she wanted to go potty. And then the nurse came and said she would watch the kids if I wanted to go in. I didn’t get what I was seeing. Everyone was crying. She was just slipping away.

Be at peace my friend.

God better Frelling enjoy the sox you are knitting for him

I love you


Heidi said...

I am so sorry for the loss of your friend. Much symapthy to you... and her family. Take care.

Sincerely, Heidi

Barb said...

My heart goes out to you. You have been a very good friend to her and she will be smiling on you for the rest of your life. My sympathy to you and her family.


Heart Rockin Mama said...

I'm so sorry. We love you.

Anonymous said...

I miss her already. I miss her more because I know I won't be able to see her until I pass through the veil, too. What kind of world will it be without her big brain spewing big thoughts out of her big mouth? (And you know I say that with the utmost love....) I hardly saw her, I hardly spoke to her (shame on me) but it was enough to just know she was there. What are we going to do?

Karen, The Other

Heidi said...

Hey... just sayin' "Hey... how are you doing?"

Take care.

Snaggle Tooth said...

Someone who will be a piece of you forever- very special to be there-

Sorry for your loss, n having to endure that cruel reality-
Bless you!