28 February, 2014

Cape Cod or what we got to do over summer vacation 2013 cauz my parents paid for it

I have a godson GO. He lives out in California with his sister and parents. He’s 9 and I have only seen him once (at the christening) due to us being poor (although when I say we are poor I fully recognize that we own our own home, it is in a safe neighborhood, we always have good food to eat and have a redonkulous amount of toys {a pool, X Box,3DS, more books than you can shake a rake to}) so maybe not poor,  just not rich enough to hop on a plane to Cali to visit my godson.

My parents have worked hard their whole lives and I am beyond lucky that they are both incredibly generous, not only with their time, but with their money as well. My dad has been looking for the “perfect house” to rent (not own, they aint rich). He wants it on the water, he wants my mother happy so he also looks for something with 3 full baths (so my brother & his wife and Boy Toy, Spotty and I can all stay at the same time) and multiple bedrooms. He had a perfect spot at Linger Longer – beautiful house, not on the water, but we had to take…100-200 steps on a board walk past the house on the water to get to the water. It was a beaut – but the only week he could get access to was the week Spotty Chop goes back to school, so we could only go down for a long weekend. Well, one year due to a hurricane and no electricity I think we stayed till Wednesday, we didn’t have electricity at the Cape either, but who cares when you are in a beautiful place next to the ocean?

My parents really wanted to give us the ability to have a week vacation (actually I think my dad just wants to be with Spotty.) We did that for 2 or 3 years. Then my dad found a place on a pond. It was right on the water, we in fact walked down the stairs into the water. It was next to the bike path. It had rooms galore, decks, and bathrooms. It would have been perfect except for one tiny thing…no AC. Well it had two window AC’s one it my parent’s bedroom and one in the bedroom we stayed in. My mother did not approve. During that trip we went on a whale watch tour. As we left Hyannis we passed some beautiful houses on the water and my dad said “gee I wonder who gets to stay in houses like that”. Queue foreshadowing music.

Guess where we were last year?

My Godson’s mom was diagnosed with Stage 4 colon cancer last year (fast forward to today – she had her last surgery/chemo in January and has a clean bill of health) and my mom thought since we were going to have a whole house, my parents have been visiting them for years and since Spotty and I had a great emailing/book sharing relationship with GO (and GO’s dad is my mom’s baby brother)  , she would invite the kids to come and then her brother and wife would be able to spend some time alone together.

We had a bit of fun

We had such a great time getting to know the kids, and the kids got along so great it was like they had always known each other.   I really miss waking up with them and telling them all to go to bed. 

It was the best gift my parents could have given us. And I hope to hell we get to spend more time with them.

ps the Bruins hat you see on GO? I gave it to him, it was supposed to be sent the Xmas of 2012, but I had put it in a "safe" place.