01 May, 2013

Spring Has Sprung

And my boys are doing their best to spruce up the yard. Holy sheep shit batman it needs it.

 Boy Toy is a landscaper and the LAST thing he wants to do after a day of busting his hump landscaping is coming home...and landscaping. But our yard is such a FRELLING disaster that even Boy Toy said "Damn, we need to do something here."

Do you see all this stick breaking? There is a reason for it....we didn't get a burn permit, so everything that needs to be burnt? needs to go into that enormous fire you see below....

 Do you see all of that "stuff" behind Spotty? all the stuff to the left and right of the motorcycle...yea, all of that needs to be burnt. Some of it has needed to be burnt for.....8 years? Why are we doing it now?

 Because the piles that were on the edge of our property....have crept into the middle of our property...and NOW Boy Toy wants to clean it up....(if i had known that was all it took  i would have been moving piles while he slept!)

 Look at Spotty Go! He is a machine!!! 

After all of that hard work, we had to introduce him to one of life's greatest pleasures....well, at least it's one of ours....

I wonder if the wifi would reach the hammock?


Anonymous said...

Good idea