12 May, 2013

Happy Mother's Day

Was anyone awoken to breakfast in  bed? Spotty woke Boy Toy up "sorry Dad, but we have to get stuff ready for mom!"

Spotty took his dad to Duncan Donuts where he ordered me a mother's day donut, a glazed "no dad, a french cruller" and an ice tea. he bought  breakfast for us all and wouldn't let Boy Toy pay.  He make a few things in school for me. Yes of course I cried. I also got a Star Wars Tshirt, R2D2 boxer shorts, a Led Zeppelin Tshirt, a new camera (thank GOD our old one was having trouble taking a decent shot) and last but not least the video game Dishonored. 

How is that you say?

You have to remember, once you decapitate someone you have to run back for the head after hiding the body;.