24 April, 2013

My baby is growing up

Last night Spotty Chop made us dinner. Things were a bit hectic and when we were trying to think of something to have for dinner I suggested Boboli pizza. Spotty put his hand it the air. "WAIT! I will make you guys dinner!" Sounded good to us, when we went into the kitchen I started grabbing stuff and Spotty said "get out! I don't want you in the kitchen". So we left. He asked Boy Toy's help with putting stuff into the oven. 

He made us Pizza folds. Spotty folded the Boboli in half, filled it with sauce and cheese and baked it. They flipped it at one point. He then cut it and served it UP!

Spotty was soooo freakin proud of himself. It was adorable. When we were done he said, "I am happy to make you this whenever you want. You just let me know".

I could EAT HIM he is so delicious