03 November, 2011

Dear Spotty Chop you are 80 months old today

This has been a pretty good month for you.

You had your first trick or treating experience with a friend. Boy Toy took you over to Jman’s house where you hit his neighborhood. You could have also done our neighborhood with the time left in the evening, but you decided to stay at his house to trade candy and watch TV.

You had an extra crunchy bonus movie night with Nannie and Papa when your dad and I went to a costume party. Then Nannie and Papa drove you to your swimming lesson and they got to watch you swim. They were blown away with how good you have become. They have only ever seen you fooling around in the water. They are so proud of you.

Speaking of swimming, your last session just ended and your teacher told us that she thinks you are ready to move up with the big kids. It is going to be challenging for you, but this teacher was also your last class’s teacher. You told her that your goal was to move up to the Ray class. You worked so hard she bumped you two classes, and now after working hard again she is moving you on again. I hope you realize that it’s your hard work that is getting you ahead and not just because you are beautiful.

You had a nightmare last night that zombies attacked and killed me, daddy and 3 beginner Pokemon. It was 3am and you were WIDE awake. You told me that every time you went back to sleep the zombies came back. This morning you told me that you have had this dream before. I let you know that I have several nightmares that have happened more than once. What I need to remember to tell you is that it’s not just nightmares that reoccur but sometimes there are great dreams that happen regularly too!

There were a few birthday parties this month and several play dates where you had a blast. We also had a snowball fight before bed. You are excited to have more snow in your world. There was apple picking and pumpkin carving too.

I knocked out one of your front teeth by hitting you in the face with a morning star (we take our battles seriously in this house). Luckily it was a baby tooth that has been loose for over a month. Before I did that you had said “I wonder if the tooth fairy is really real?” when I said “well what do you think kiddo” you happily answered “YES”. I hope you can keep your sense of wonder for a few more years.

You saw your first movie in a movie theater! Don’t look at me that way, you have been to the drive-ins more than I have! There never seemed to be a compelling reason to go. Up to now you have gotten really fidgety even during the drive-ins. But after the fantastic swimming upgrade and the fact that we just love you and want to see you happy, AND there was an animated film that looked worthy of our money, we hit the matinee to see Puss in Boots. You asked if we HAD to see it in 3D and we said “absolutely NOT”. So we went for the oldD version. When you walked into the theater your eyes grew to dinner plates looking at the screen. There was stadium seating which I knew would kind of freak you out as you don’t want to go “high”, but I went up a few rows and into the middle of the row where I knew you would have a great experience. At first you said “the screen is too big for my eyes!” but once you had the extra large “vat oh popcorn” , orange drink and saw a few previews you sat back and enjoyed the show. It was a decent movie, we went through 2 troths of popcorn. You said it was the best day of your life!

Unfortunately I have not been writing down the things you say. Which bums me out as there have been a few really good ones. I will try to do better next month.


Rue said...

When we plummeted down the hill at Honey Pot he tossed back over his shoulder, "I'm not even running any more!"

When we played house he told me repeatedly that it's a good idea to go to the bathroom before you go to bed so you don't pee yourself.

When we were hopelessly lost in the hedge maze and I asked him how he had gone through it so fast last year he said, "I think I ran."

When we picked strawberries in my yard he told me strawberries are his favorite fruit, but that saying something was your favorite fruit didn't mean it was your favorite food, just your favorite fruit.

When I asked him if he wanted to wear a coat he told me he didn't mind the cold because he was a winter baby, and maybe I mind it because I was born in summer.

When he hugged us goodbye he said he wasn't going to hug CR because he wasn't part of the family, then he changed his mind when we explained that CR was marrying in.

When we were fighting zombies he told me I had to go back in there and let them kill me, but he'd bring me back to life so I could cook him sweet potato fries.

Oh, and I'm pretty sure he said I'm his favorite.

me said...

1) DUH
2) thank you I feel much better having WORDS!