04 April, 2011

Dear Spotty Chop you were 73 months old yesterday

Your daddy and you were talking the other day about how nice it was having the sun be bright when Boy Toy goes to pick you up. Boy Toy said “do you know that up in Alaska during the winter they only get one hour of sun a day, but in the summer? It doesn’t get dark until 10 or 11 pm.” Your eyes grew wide, “I’m going to live there!” Boy Toy then said you would have to eat whale. You thought about it for a minute. “I’ll have to wear a whale coat.”
You told us last night that you have been kissing Olivia (classmate), when I asked what did Olivia do? You replied “she kisses me back”. When Boy Toy started to tease you by singing “Spotty’s got a girlfriend” you yelled back “she’s not my girlfriend I’m just kissing her!” My head is going to explode.

Another tooth bites the dust.

We went to Chuck E Cheese and Boy Toy said “hey bud there is Chuck E do you want to go over and say hi?” You looked at your dad and said “that’s not Chuck E”. Boy toy asked how you knew that and you said “look at his eyes, they don’t blink, he can’t be real.” Trust you to come up with a logical answer.

We went to the Providence Bruins with your school. You got a hat and a St. Patrick’s Day T-Shirt. You seemed to have fun even though only one kid from your class went… Olivia

You start soccer on Saturday. You have been out playing with me and your dad. I hope you like it. I think you will be good at it; you have great sense of the ball and your body. I can’t wait to watch you run down the field.

You have been reading chapter books by yourself and it’s kinda freaking me out. You read in the morning program and at school. I can’t even remember what the latest book is called. We went to the library and you saw it and said “Anadude has this book, I have GOT to read THIS”. You still let us read to you, I hope that never stops…although if you want to read Kushiels Dart, you are on your own

The YMCA has a “parent’s night out” program. For $15 you can stay & play & eat & swim from 6:30 –9:00 pm. I have seen the flyers but never game it much thought. Apparently you have. A few days before the event you came to us and said “wouldn’t you like to go out on a date and pretend it was your anniversary?” Boy Toy asked if this had to do with “parent’s night out” and you said “oh yes, I really really want to go.” So we brought you. You have a fantastic time and want to know when the next one is. Since baby sitters are getting $10 an hour, we will gladly go out to eat like it’s our anniversary.

You had your annual check-up. You are in the 50% height, 50% weight and your BMI has dropped. I love your pediatrician. He talks to you when he has a question, not to us about you. I remember at your last visit I sometimes spoke for you, but I didn’t need to then, and I certainly don’t need to now. I kept my mouth shut and let you do the talking. I did however mention that I have suddenly started getting migraines, and you twice have mentioned that your head hurt. The doc wasn’t worried, but put it in his notes in case that is something we need to watch for. The doc also told you that you need to drink at least 2 cups of milk a day. You asked if you could eat yogurt instead. You now remind us that you need to drink milk and yogurt.

Nannie and Papa made a treasure hunt for you for your birthday. Papa wrote out the clues. He had your running all over the house and yard to find the next clue/present. When it was all over he said “I completely forgot how many Fing rabbits are in the inside of the house and lions are on the outside.

We went down to Hyannis so I could attend a scrapbooking convention. The hotel had a great pool with waterslides and wave pool. You had a BLAST. I got to scrapbook, you and daddy got to play video games and swim. I can’t wait for the longer one in November!!!

I’ve changed my hours at work so that dada could take a new job offer. He doesn’t get to pick you up any more, this makes him sad. But he only has ½ days on Friday and he doesn’t have to work weekends which means he will get to watch you play soccer and we may be able to do more camping too. I now come home earlier so I can pick you up. I get to miss a lot of traffic and see you much earlier than I used to. As you would say “it’s an extra crunchy bonus!”

Love ya tons!!!!


sealaura said...

i love your spotty chop posts, so touching and how lovely will they be for him to read when he gets older. Seems like you've got a little heartbreaker on your hands. :)