21 April, 2011

News Flash Spotty Chop does something other than play video games

Look at my baby!

I loved playing soccer as a kid. I was always good at it, not great, which was hard growing up in a town that seemed almost European in its fanatical pursuit of producing the BEST soccer teams around.

I think I could have been great…if I practiced, which I didn’t. I was lucky that I enjoyed being really good without effort. Mainly because I was very fast (I ran both indoor and outdoor track). The town we live in now? I don’t believe they really focus on soccer. I’m ok with that. I want Spotty to learn how to play on a team. I think it’s important especially as he has no siblings. He will learn how to compromise, how to pitch in, how to deal with the asshats that hog the ball, how to become something bigger than himself. I think he will be a decent soccer player, he is quite fast and seems to have an innate knack of body position. Will he be great? Don’t know and more importantly Don’t care. I want him to have fun with a sport that he will be able to play for most of his life.

This won’t be the last time you see photos of soccer…especially if I can find some of me playing!