04 November, 2010

Apple Picking

I feel bad that I have neglected the blog for so long. Especially since i have photo evidence that we have been social.

We went apple picking with Moo, Freak Show,Hippy Chick, Cheese Please, CR and  a friend of Hippy Chick's, Amazing.

The sun was bright, and it wasn't ten thousand degrees which it usually is because Moo came up with the idea of going early in the season as opposed to late. We picked apples, sat in the sun and went through mazes. Spotty Chop has a freakish sense of direction. The boy ran through the hedge maze making only 2 or 3 wrong turns. He then ran back out, I was hard pressed to follow. Spotty wanted to go again, so Boy Toy gave him a walkie talkie and sent him on his way. He called when he first entered the maze, when he got to the center and then when he came back out. THANK GOD he doesn't have my sense of direction. I would still be wandering around if left on my own.

 Yes it's a photo of Hippy Chicks butt...it made me giggle

I wasn't very happy with the quality of photos i took, but as luck would have it, quality people made it ok


Unschoolers Rock the Campground said...

I remember when we used to get invited ;-)

Rue said...

You were away when we decided to go. (Kim's maybe? I can't remember.)