03 May, 2010

Dear Spotty Chop you are 62 months old today.

I am so sorry I have missed the few months. Between my getting hurt, having my computer crash and then my needing the 12 step Farmville program (not to mention the car catastrophe) I have not been at the top of my game. I wrote down a few things you have said that were funny. I will post them later. Let’s get to today shall we?

Yesterday we had a knock down drag em out water fight. Water guns are AWESOME! You and I teamed up against daddy and left him with nowhere to run. I tried to fill the guns with warm water, but you daddy thought that was “not a smart idea”. So I filled up the guns with COLD water….he seemed to like that even less. Poor daddy! We chased each other around the yard until daddy was more water than man. After daddy commandeered the hose you grabbed my hand and I thought “how cute he wants us to stay together”, and then you said “mama, you are my shield! Protect ME!!!!” It took a bit for your dada and me to catch our breath after that one. I hope to get a few more fights in before we open the pool.

You have really been enjoying playing on Mantha’s trampoline. Although you seem to enjoy telling Mantha and I what tricks to perform more than you actually bouncing. I wish I could explain better the reasons why your mama must rest more than you. But good god is that a great workout.
You and your classmates went to the Wheelock Family Theater to see “the Little Mermaid”. You apparently were a great kid and really enjoyed the show. You even told your daddy that you would go to the The-a-ter again if we wanted to go.

Reason number 75579210324790342754054689034570342784328234 why I love you

Papa has been taking a lot of days off work to be with you. He has taken you to a crazy maze place that looked like a lot of fun and he and Nannie took you flying….that’s right, your papa took you to a place where sky divers train. You tried it. You were SOOO scared, but you still tried it. Papa was super scared too. He said he would never do it again. A man was there trying to impress his date who is a sky diver. He told you that you were the BRAVEST person he knew because it scared the crap out of him doing it. I wish papa didn’t have to work. He would love to play with you all day every day.

As an extra crunchie bonus we have been driving around in papa’s truck. You LOVE being in the front seat and being able to see everything.

Well that’s about all I have. We have spent a lot of time reading in the hammock. But you like calling out to your dad every few minutes to tell him you need an extra push too.

Love you kiddo!


Mojo said...

Wow. Five and change already? Seems like just yesterday...