10 December, 2009

Celebrity women I think I could be friends with

After my top hot men I started thinking about who are the top hot females, but as I was thinking of the list I soon realized that many of the women I picked I could see myself hanging out and being friends with them.

So here they are. The chicks that many want to bang, but I want to hang with.

Sandra Bullock – She just seems like friend material. She is (or appears to be) down to earth. She loves her family and is just byotchy enough not be so sweet she makes your teeth fall out. Most important? She makes me laugh. I can totally see us standing in line somewhere making fun of people (in a good way of course...)

Angelina Jolie – Yes she is hot and potentially crazy, but the girl is my kind of crazy. I also think I might become a better person after hanging around with her. Sure I don’t have millions and can’t adopt a nation, but I have a feeling that she helps out in little ways that we never hear about too.

Janet Jackson – There is a vulnerability about her that makes me want to be friends with her and her issues with weight is something I can totally relate too. Besides the girl has GOT to have a personal trainer that I can hook into. No reason we can’t chat over the Stairmaster.

Drew Barrymore – I think she is just flakey flakey fun! When she flashed David Letterman it sealed the deal for me. Coming from anyone else I would have shouted WHORE, but coming from her…she’s just too cute for words.

Natalie Portman – Have you ever seen this girl do an interview? I think she is brilliant. She doesn’t seem to take herself or her fame that seriously. Plus I am hoping she could give me some fashion/makeup tips. The girl is flawless.

What’s more, I can actually see all of us hanging out together shooting the shit eating cookies and mocking the mockworthy (especially if it’s ourselves). And that is what friendship is all about.