20 December, 2009

Book Review: The Crown by Deborah Chester

Book Two of the Pearls and the Crown

Well Shandrael did it, sold Lea to the Vindicants, then got drunk to try and forget. Frelling pussy! Seriously if you are going to be evil, BE EVIL. None of this mamby pamby bullshit. Whaaa I’ve got no soul, oooh she tugs at my heart. He needs to be kicked in the nads.

Caelan is paranoid, but can you blame him? Of course we can. We get she is your sister, but you are running the frelling show. Christ on a cracker, I am beginning to wonder if he is actually sleeping with his sister. He has an army to go find her, why the hell is he leaving his wife and child? He too deserves his jewels to be twisted.

Thirbe found Shandrael, but didn’t kick his ass…not sure what the hell that is all about, fairly disappointed as a matter of fact. Thirbe apparently has no nuts. WTF

Vordachai may not be the douchebag that I first thought…that would be surprising…and figures! The character I dislike the most turns out to be the one I like???? Kill me if this is true.

There is a healer, I wonder if we ever get to know his name? I kind of like him.

And then there is this…

“May you end up chained to a rock with ten thousand vultures stripping the flesh from your bones while worms swim in your diseased bowels and four virgins whom you will never bed cry out their joy at your demise."

I have to say I wasn’t really overly impressed. This had potential to be great. The characters were interesting and the plots were good. It just never really took off. I don’t think I would ever re-read this, which means I wish I had not bought it. It would make a great library read though.