03 October, 2009

Dear Spotty Chop you are 55 months old today

You really seem to be enjoying school these days. As soon as we walk in you are off and running to play with someone. The teachers are telling me how impressed they are with your listening skills, your willingness to help clean up, and your smartassedness.

Oh should I explain that one? One of your teachers explained to me that something happened and somehow one of your friends ended up crying. When the teacher explained to you that she couldn’t let you hurt your friend you fired back “he’s not my friend”. So she had to explain that it was her job to make sure that no one gets hurt. You were good with that.
Perhaps you will be a lawyer when you get older.

You yelled at me the other day because you were talking and I responded. “I’m not talking to you! I am talking to my friend that you can’t see.” You then proceeded to explain the game you were playing. I wonder if you will ever introduce me.

We had to take the PSP away. You have been getting way too involved with it. Or we have been letting you play it for too long. Whenever the battery died, or if it was forgotten you would actually lose your shit. In a big, tantrumy way. You have the Leapster, I let you play with the Crackberry and you don’t seem to be as addicted/freaked out with those. I decided that the degree of rudeness you were showing around that thing was just not worth it. I will definitely have to keep my eye on that.

You on occasion will get yourself dressed and you pull together clothes that go, maybe not in the same way I would, but you definitely have your own sense of style. I cannot wait to see more of it.

We finally found your BAKUGON! After tearing apart the living room and your room I for some reason thought about behind the couch…Yea me!

Papa made you a fort out of an old box. You love to hide in there and then spring out at me when I come to pick you up.

The other day I got hurt, boiling water splashed into my eye. Daddy was on one side of me trying to flush my eye with cold water, you stood on the other side patting my back saying “its ok mama, you are ok”.

Papa took you canoeing for the first time. You fed the ducks, peed off of the canoe and had a great time for yourself. Papa also got you a T-shirt that you proudly wore to school and have been showing everyone anytime you wear it.

After you are asleep I go into your room at least 4 times to “check in on you”. I am actually just giving you kisses.

We got you fitted for your first Tux…god do you look old! I don’t like it. Stay my baby.