04 October, 2009

Clark's Trading Post (or finally a nice weekend)

We decided to head to Newie for a quick dash of fun.

Ok, full disclosure. We have been getting "old time" family photos since Spotty Chop was 1. This year it ended up being a goat rodeo. We usually go to Clark's Trading Post. (Love this place. Train ride, bear show, water bumper boats...) North Conway has a place as well. So we decided since we were going to be in North Conway we would go there instead. (Yes, I called to make sure they would be open). They never opened. Not sure what happened, but this bummed me out.

On Friday Boy Toy and I were chatting, that turned into me calling Lost River Campground. Lost River Campground. They had 1 cabin left. We went up Saturday after my hair was de-grayed. After grabbing a bite to eat and finding a place who's directions are "get off on exit 32 and take a left." We made it.

Boy Toy had bought a new PSP game (Ben 10 Alien Force) and gave it to him when we got to the cabin. When we finally got him to sleep Boy Toy had the propane heater out on the porch and we hung out and listened to the rain. This morning, before Clark's, Spotty said he was hungry so we went out to eat. The boy ate 2, almost 3, of the biggest pancakes I have seen. He also tried cranberry juice and liked it. He seemed to like his cranberry chocolate milk creation as well.

We did finally make it to Clarks. And yes...I got my picture

Spotty decided we would be pirates.