22 October, 2009

Cannonball Read

On November 1st I am joining the folks over at PIJABA and chiming in on the 2nd running of the Cannonball Read.

Gather round, boys and girls. Gather round. As the leaves change colors, the temperature drifts lower, and the curses of football fans fill the air, we find ourselves at the beginning of a new chapter in Pajiba history. Many of you know the legend of the original Cannonball Read, wherein Sir Prisco the Ragey challenged himself to read one hundred books in the span of one year and enlighten us with his reviews on said tomes. Valiant Alabamapink looked at him and said, essentially, “I can kick your ass, so bring it, fool.” Thus was the Cannonball Read born

Click here to read the full story.

I never joined in on the original run. These folks are hard core reviewers and funny as shit. I on the other hand can’t form sentences or reviews longer than 2 paragraphs. I then saw that they cut the book reading down to 52. Could I read 52 books in 1 year. HELL YA! Could I review 52 books in a longer and more coherent format? Who Frelling knows?

I beseeched the cruel mistress of the read who said…I’ve read worse.

And with that blazing endorsement I write!!!