16 March, 2015

God Help Me! I may be raising an Accidental Christian

Last night we went to Barnes and Nobel (and GameStop). Spotty Chop wanted to spend a gift card he got. While Boy Toy and Spotty were looking through the books I went looking at the religious books. We have been talking for awhile about starting to talk to Spotty about religion and I wanted to see if there was anything out there.  Spotty and I have already started talking about some of the Greek and Norse  gods and  goddesses, but they are a bit...blood thirsty for him. Guess what I found? The Action Bible .This book is a graphic novel and I thought it might be a fun way for Spotty to learn about the Bible.  I asked Spotty to read the first few pages (how the earth was made) because I wanted to try to explain that there are some people that believe that the Bible is true EVERY WORD OF IT and how they deny that dinosaurs exist, and the rest of their crazy crap. Well wouldn't you know Spotty loves this Fing book! He finds it really interesting. "Mom, I don't want to be disrespectful, but God seems to be a bit crazy with his killing everyone on earth just because he was angry". 

Oh sweet pea - you have no Fing idea!

I blew his mind with the explanation of the word "babble" and how the word comes from the story of "Babylon".

So now I am looking to see if other religions have similar books so that we can explore other religions. I know Hinduism does, his best bud Anidude has given him some comics about some of the pantheon in Hindi culture. but I am not having a ton of luck. Luckily I have time. 


"Jacob's brothers were dicks weren't they? I mean they threw him down a hole and then they sold him. THEY SOLD HIM!!! AND? for only 20 sheckles. They should have at least gotten 100 for him." - I do so love you Spotty Chop

"And what is up with God?" he looks up and says "no disrespect, but did you really have to kill EVERY FIRST BORN??? WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT!!!???"