28 July, 2014

Summer Camping at Sweetwater Forest campground

We went camping down the Cape this past weekend with Moo, Freak Show, Cheese Please and Cheez-It Hippy Chick (CIHC).  On the ride down there was…traffic, and I realized that the only time we have been to Sweetwater was during Columbus Day, when most people have stopped camping. I was hoping I didn’t make a grave error in judgment as I had no idea what the campground would be like with lots of people in it. Luckily the camping gods were with us  and we had a great time. It wasn’t Fransted great, but being closer means we may get to go camping with certain people more often. Moo & family recently got a new dog and it was Puppy’s  first time camping. We think she may have had a bit of fun.

Spotty Chop is still very skittish as he is afraid that when she jumps her claws and teeth are going to  hurt, but the more he is around her the more comfortable he is getting. Boy toy and I love her claw and teeth marks  and see them as a badge of honor. Puppy has been going to training classes and we got to watch some of the training up close. Puppy is a wicked SMAHT dog, and it was a lot of fun seeing what goes into training one.

We rented canoes and splashed our way around the pond

(Moo loves having her picture taken )

Spotty decided to sleep in the car BY HIMSELF this weekend. I can’t Frelling believe that I did not snap A SINGLE PHOTO OF HIM IN HIS COZY NEST. He is thinking that he should have his own tent for Labor Day camping…. The first night he woke up after 1am, wandered around the campsites realized we were all asleep and got back into the car and went back to sleep.

ME: “You could have come into the tent with us”
Spotty: laughing “I didn’t want to”

Who the hell is this child and what has he done with Spotty?!

Cheese Please was on a mission to enjoy camping with her Cheez-It sister. I didn’t get a lot of shots with the two of them, but she made sure that CIS was very active during the camping trip. 

Hippy Chick  tried to bring Potato Chip Cheese Please (PCCP) to the beach with her, but the level of effort on her part was disappointing.

We also had a terror alert. Spotty asked if he could run up to the camp store and buy something, we said sure and off he went.

Boy toy comments “it’s not like him to be this long – do you want me to check?”

Does a bear shit?

Boy toy went off and a little later he comes back saying “he wasn’t at the store, he wasn’t at the video arcade”. I start to panic. Is he lost and crying (the campground is huge, there are some sections we have never been in, it always takes me till the day we leave before I know where I am going.)  Moo tells me to breathe. Boy Toy and I head out again to see if we can find him. Long story short he was fine. He didn’t get lost. On his way to the store he had to go to the bathroom and then he went to the store. Freak Show found him. As I was wandering around trying to find/hear him and slowly going crazy with the thoughts that some serial rapist/killer had dragged him into one of the unknown sections of the campground I saw Freak Show walking quickly in the distance. Seeing him reminded me that we weren’t alone, Moo/Freak Show/Cheese Please/Puppy were with us, and would help us until we got Spotty Chop back.   I am usually a great person to be around in a crisis. I am able to hold it together until the crisis passes (and then I meltdown), but I have a feeling I will not be so good when it involves Spotty. I have never been so scared. And as a parent you are going to have several of these “never been so scared” moments, but Christ on a Cracker. I NEVER want to be in that position again.

Spotty Chop was pretty sad that we had to go home so soon. Cheese Please  distracted him by letting him assist her in making a pancake breakfast for all of us. Tasty cakecakes (again with no photos, I am not sure what was up with my brain this weekend)!