07 July, 2014

Memorial Day Camping – Good golly Miz Fransted, we have missed you

We had a glorious long weekend up in the White Mountains. Did it rain? Of course! But luckily we can handle a little rain. We played a lot of ping pong, and Foosball. 

We sat around the fire and snacked like  mad men. Our new ride (Hyundai Santa Fe) was excellent for the trip. We actually have a bit more room than the Jeep Liberty so Spotty Chop wasn’t crushed into a tiny warren.  Since it was the first trip of the season we of course forgot a few things (nothing that a quick “grab a new poppy at Walmart” couldn’t fix) a tarp for the wood (did I mention it rained? ). This one crawled up our ass a bit as we purchased….4-6 new tarps in the fall to cover the two cords of wood we used. No walkie talkies, no glow sticks. Could have been worse, once Boy Toys clothes never made it up.  

We also went to Six Gun City (oh they renamed it since Mem Day - Fort Jefferson Fun Park). I will admit I was a bit disappointed in how…old the place looked, but I know they have been struggling. You can buy all day passes, or tickets (I think the go carts were 5 tickets). I figured out that if Boy Toy and Spotty Chop did either the laser tag or go carts 4 times the all day tickets would pay for themselves. I grabbed a few tickets so I could do something with them. Boy Toy would have stayed on the go carts all day (hell  he would probably still be there if I hadn’t dragged him away. Spotty Chop LOVED laser tag, in fact he met a friend there and they ran around for the rest of the day.

So a good time was had by all. 

Maybe it won’t take a month + to write about camping 4th of July...who am I kidding? I will be lucky to have something up by Christmas.


Carmi Levy said...

I love how you paint such vivid pictures of life well lived. What memories you've ensured for him!