16 June, 2014

The Last Straw

Last night  while Boy Toy and Spotty Chop were leaving hockey practice Boy Toy witnessed a domestic violence incident. Spotty DID NOT see anything (too busy playing video games). A man and woman were hitting each other and then the man pushed her out of the car and left so quickly that it spun her around. Boy Toy called 911 and followed the guy until the police came. The police spoke to Boy Toy as did the woman. She thanked him and said that the man had hit their son, and that was the last straw and she stood up to him. Boy Toy congratulated her and told her she did the right thing. She didn’t want to press charges, but Boy Toy did and because he witnessed it (a violent assault the police called it) and  said what he said, the man was arrested. Spotty Chop  was a little upset that the guy was going to jail, but Boy Toy  explained what happened and that what the man did was unacceptable and you just DON’T DO THAT.

This morning I said to Spotty, “so your dad said that you were a little upset about the guy going to jail, you understand why he had to go?” Spotty said “he hit a woman, and pushed her out of a car, you just can’t do that.”  I agreed.  I then said “your dad did the right thing, you have to help people when they need help.”  Spotty rolled his eyes at me “I know mom, you have to do the right thing”. 

WORD boy.

Snaps to the woman for taking a stand to protect her child. I truly hope she and her son end up happy.