19 June, 2014

Spotty Chop's last school project

Biography of famous folks from Massachusetts. The kids had to do research, write a speech, dress as their person and create an “artifact” that represented them.

Spotty chose An Wang (founder of Wang Labs) as his person. 

Some mom’s were complaining about the people their kids choose and how “hard it was to dress them so they resembled their character”.  

I gave them an eyebrow raise and said “Spotty chose an Asian business man”. They shut their pie holes.

Spotty thought with his glasses and polka dot bow tie that he looked EXACTLY like An Wang. I couldn't agree more. 

Ps - for the folks too young to remember, the artifact was a word processor, the precursor to the home PC. In fact this looks identical to the word processor I brought to Simmons College...