19 March, 2014

Have I mentioned how lucky I am to have my parents?

They are spending a week in Nantucket. They invited us along, what they didn’t know was we were bringing a guest. 

Say hello to Shadow!


In Spotty’s class Shadow goes home with the students for a few days and the kids write in a journal what they did together. As Spotty is not a “stuffed animal” kid, it was really cute to see him carrying Shadow around.

Getting to the island was an adventure. My parents were taking their car and told us not to bother taking ours (which was good since we couldn’t have afforded to bring it). Did I mention that my parents have a 4 seat car? Or that Spotty gets very uptight if he isn’t wearing a seatbelt? Want to guess who sat on plastic the entire trip? They also missed the ferry and were not going to get into Nantucket until 10pm (they were supposed to get there at 5).  We were taking the fast ferry and were going to get to Nantucket at 8pm. Luckily we were able to set aside the fast ferry tickets (we couldn’t cancel as it was same day, but we can use them anytime in the next year.)  The ferry over was uneventful. My dad realized that he was going to have to go to the rental place drop all their stuff off and then come back to get us.

I should note that I get my sense of direction from my dad. When we got off the ferry. My dad had talked to a cab driver. It was pretty cold out at 10pm and he didn’t want Spotty to have to wait. THANK GOD. My parents followed the cab to the rental office and then to the house. Boy Toy and I laughed and laughed when we realized that my father would have NEVER FOUND THE OFFICE, and if by some miracle he did find the office HE WOULD HAVE NEVER FOUND THE HOUSE. The cab driver couldn’t find it and he was a native. (well both the cab driver and my dad thought the number on the key was the house number. It was one of the Funniest evenings we had had in a long time. When we got into the cab Spotty was coughing really hard. I said “dude, you weren’t coughing AT ALL on the 2 hour ferry ride.” His response? “I was distracted by video games”.  After a few minutes of listening to him cough up a lung Boy Toy gave him his DS. I swear to god within 2 minutes he stopped coughing. The cabby couldn’t stop laughing. When we thanking him for saving us and laughing over how ridiculous the night would have gone if my dad had to find anything, Spotty chimes in with “ya, that’s her side of the family.”  The cab driver thought he was hysterical. When we finally got to our destination, my mom came over to the cabby and said “have there been any murders in Nantucket recently?”  He very reassuringly said “oh no”. She then told him that if he had not been there to find everything, there would have been.

Papa and Timmy had an ok time

We celebrated Spotty’s birthday

And had a blast in the whaling museum.

Spotty also has another school project coming up. In this one the kids have to create a book on geometry.  We had fun looking for shapes and angles.

Spotty was very sad to leave my parents, but we reminded him that we would get to spend a whole week with them down the Cape (in August)