03 December, 2012

Tannenbaum, o Tannenbaum,

How lovely are your branches!  We were on a quest this weekend...to  Pell Farms

Boy Toy found this place last year and we couldn't get over how easy it was to get a tree compared to the Mt Everest climb we had to do (with a 10-12 foot tree) at the place we had gone to for a few years. Spotty wasn't at all interested in this. He seemed to recall that last year Boy Toy had him "saw a tree" and he got scratched. I wish I could help calm his anxieties.

 We told him that he didn't need to saw anything, but this was something that we really looked forward to every year and we wanted him to come. Guess who had a great time? 

Yes that is mud you see, our Tree needed a bath when it got home

Too small

 Too cute

 Mad sawing skills

 Nope, this one wont work

 Sawing everything in sight!

 What about this one???

 Not in the least bit proud of himself

 More tools, more fun!

God forbid we ever find a tree closer to the entrance