10 December, 2012

2012 Cookie Battle to the DEATH

1st - I planned on posting this on Friday but a kidney stone broke for freedom and it was a sucktasticly pain filled weekend.

Thursday was Bride's  2012 cookie swap. I'm not sure if I have ever written about this. Every year she hosts a cookie swap. I am not a baker, but I love the Bride and any opportunity I can find to spend time with her I will. There is always a theme to the swap, there are 3 judges, there are awards and prizes. I usually get a consolation prize. I did win one year  for my Irish Lace cookies (theme international). And last year I won most colorful story for my peppermint rod and flail cookies. (theme ancient gods/goddesses)  I was with Jmans mom, Campbell until about 10:30pm and then I had to make 6 dozen cookies, with a recipe I had never seen before, (that is part of the fun for me. I never try the cookies out in advance, when I find the recipe I make sure I know what the ingredients are, but then I don't look at it again until  the day I make the cookie...Its the thrill of imminent disaster.) and I didn't know you had to chill the dough, or how long it takes to chill 6 dozen cookies, jumping up and down on candy canes may have been involved.

This year I won 3 awards!!!! Campbell came with me which was a lot of fun. She liked the Bride, the Bride liked her...it is nice when friends like friends.

Enough of that, you want to know about  Cookiepocalypse 2012

The theme? Favorite Children's story. Mine? The Book of Three by Lloyd Alexander. Lloyd was a contemporary of Tolkien. Fantastic series about an assistant Pig Keeper and his battle with the Horned King. My cookie? Hen-Wen's Oracle cookies.  (it wasn't just any old pig he watched) A Candied Bacon Chocolate Chunk cookie. How did I find this cookie? Google - and thank God for This woman

The Awards?

Best Disaster Story – So have you ever eaten candied bacon? HOLY SHIT IS IT GOOOOOD! It is soo frelling good that if you are eating it directly from the oven and the molten lava that is the caramelized sugar falls upon your face it will burn the hell out of you and leave you blistered and scarred...however you will NOT stop eating the bacon.

Weirdest Cookie – this is the award “as seen from a child"

And finally?

Crowd pleaser – mine was voted best by the other cookie bakers

Did I win the judges pick for BEST cookie????  NO! Some Bavarian Byotch who’s favorite story was Hansel and Gretel, who wore a GD COSTUME!!!  And apparently had a cookie cutter shipped from Germany and cut over 144 cookies, and the worst part is, the cookies were delish (or so I heard, had nuts in them so I couldn't try)

Ps one of the judges was a vegetarian…just sayin  

Next year? I'm dressin up!


Susan @ SGCC said...

Congrats on your victory! Those cookies are always a hit when I bring them to a party. Everyone is like "Ew! Bacon cookies???" But when they try them, they're hooked.

And, I know what you mean about eating the candied bacon right out of the oven. I always make a few extra strips for snacking.