24 September, 2012

The Ogontz White Mountain Camp and Event Center or OH MY FUCKING GOD I WAS AT THE BEST WEDDING EVER!

My Cousin B got married over the weekend. The affair was held at the Ongontz campground. We had possibly the best time we have ever had at a wedding. Ogontz is located up in the white mountains where, as some of you know, Boy Toy, Spotty Chop and I spend a good amount of time in.

We spent the entire weekend up there. Check in was at the Ogontz post office. We received our billet as well as a very cute “package” that was filled with snacks, bug spray etc. We drove up to our cabin, actually we had our choice of 3 cabins, 2 of the cabins had wood stoves and Spotty really wanted to stay in one of them. But when we explained that 1 of my cousins (G) was coming with her brand new baby (O)  and they would need heat, and that her sisters were also coming up and they have never been outdoors before and would also need heat. Spotty agreed “we are used to camping and don’t need heat”. He was very careful of the baby during the weekend. When we showed GE&O the way to the cabins (in the pitch dark it would have been almost impossible to find it.) Spotty kept turning around and saying “DAD SLOW DOWN!!! THEY HAVE A BABY AND CAN’T DRIVE FAST!!!” He would also do very goofy things to make the baby smile

Spotty also taught some of my cousins how to play zombie dice and cosmic wimpout. They knew how to play LCR (but had never played without money!)

Back to where we were sleeping. They had several different levels of accommodations. There were  ADIRONDACK CABINS, with open sides and roll down flaps, STABLES, old stables with basically a bed and a curtain on the stall door, LOG CABINS, that had a private bathroom (tub with hand held, or when trying to wash long hair, feet held shower spray). I opted for this. As much fun as the Adirondack cabins would be, for a wedding I need a place to put my fancy duds.

Oh and what is Spotty Looking at?

Friday night there was pizza and a bonfire. Saturday there was Yoga with the bride and groom (at 9am, we decided to read) brunch was at the boat house.

There was canoeing,  kayaking, all sorts of lawn games. We decided to hike

And then there was the wedding

(Papa & Spotty)

The reception  was beautifully decorated. They brought in branches and trees to make it truly look like an indoor forest. the food was sooo good! The music was fantastic, the groom unbeknownst to me, has a phenomenal voice! Good food, great people, fantastic music and a beautiful setting. What more can you ask for?