19 July, 2012

Spotty Chop is going on an Adventure

Spotty Chop is heading out tonight on his first sleepover (that isn’t my parent’s house). He and Jman are heading off to the YMCA for this summer’s first sleepover. Jman and he have been asking about doing a sleepover together for…forever, but Jman’s family are dealing with some heavy duty medical issues right now and my house looks like I’ve never met a cleaning agent I liked. So they are off! To swim at 9:30 at night and to have a campfire and to stay up all night. Spotty is teetering between excitement and nervousness. Keep your fingers crossed that excitement rules the day and we don’t get a call in the middle of the night to come get him. (and that I don’t burst into tears when I realize that I can’t kiss him right before I go to sleep. Ooops too late!)


sealaura said...

awww how fun! I hope he has a great time! I loved sleepovers when I was a kiddo.