06 July, 2012


Did you get a chance to see this? I would say this ranked in the top 3 performances that I have ever seen. Especially starting around the 3:20. I remember the stairs and how my entire body was vibrating to their dance. It was Frelling Magic! Flately had left by the time we were able to get tickets, but we saw him in Lord of the Dance. That was good. Seeing him tap 35 times a second is truly astonishing. But LoD was too...American? Hollywood? it was all glitz and show. Great in its own right, but for me it didn't have the magic of...

I'm not really sure what drove me to find this clip it was kind of like how Underdog got stuck in my head. It just showed up, stayed for lunch, and dinner, and then slept over. I'm glad it did because I think watching people dance is one of the purest expressions of joy that I have ever seen. 

I wish we had see it again.