25 May, 2011

Farscape and Netflix

Last Night I started watching Farscape. I LOVE this series, I was a religious follower every Friday night. When Sly Lie channel canceled the series I protested, I signed things, I was PISSED. So pissed off that I boycotted Sly Lie for YEARS, who the Frell did they think they were getting rid of the best Sci Fi series since ever, and to put in its place SG1? Are you frelling kidding me????? (As I may have mentioned before, Post Partum was kicking my ass for a bit and the only way I could function was to have Spotty Chop lying on me and me watching…the cheese that is Sly lie. I watched ROAR, Star Trek and yes…I broke down and watched SG1).

Back to last night.

Boy Toy was reading to Spotty, so I start watching the first episode (it’s in my queue,) watching the opening minutes and getting kind of giddy as the sights and sounds rolled over me. And then Spotty came into the room and in a moment of clarity I envision watching this with him. The sense of wonder and holy crap this is Frelling un-be-leave-able. So I tell him “some day Spotty Chop you will watch this with me” I pull him up on my lap. “this show will BLOW YOUR MIND!!!!!” “I can’t wait for you to meet all of these people” IT IS UNBELEIVEABLE!!!! Spotty starts giggling. I am fist punching his arms in the air shouting WAIT FOR THE AWESOME!!!! Spotty starts laughing uncontrollably. I realize that I may be more excited about showing him this than I am Star Wars.

Ok now, pick yourselves off the floor. It’s just Spotty knows the entire story line and he has NEVER seen the movies (or the animated series). How can he not with a mom like me, who eats , sleeps and reads Star Wars stuff? So to introduce him to one of the best shows that has ever graced the screen is…mind blowing. And this is just the beginning, there will be Buffy and Firefly and SG1 and….THE HIGHLANDER and….Deep Space 9 and…that might be it…oh no forgot Beavis and Butthead!

I can’t wait!!!!!