04 May, 2011

Dear Spotty Chop you were 74 months old yesterday

You often break out into song and I will join you, our latest favorites seem to be from They Might Be Giants off of their Here Comes Science CD.

I like the stories
About angels, unicorns and elves
Now I like the stories
As much as anybody else
But when I'm seeking knowledge
Either simple or abstract
The facts are with science
The facts are with science


Iron is a metal, you see it every day
Oxygen, eventually will make it rust away
Carbon in its ordinary form is coal
Crush it together and diamonds are born

Come on, come on and meet the elements
May I introduce you to our friends, the elements?
Like a box of paints that are mixed to make every shade
They either combine to make a chemical compound
Or stand alone as they are

Seem to be stuck in our heads

We also randomly shout out


Boy Toy and I kind of giggled to ourselves last night thinking about how funny it would be if you turned into a scientist. Not funny in a “that’s so ridiculous way” more in a “wow, how super cool would that be”. You know we don’t care what you become as long as you are happy (although I would be a smidgen more happy if you didn’t end up doing manual labor…just sayin).

You got your first cavity filled. I am so proud of you, you did a great job. You were a little nervous, didn’t like the taste of the numbing agent (I HATE it too buddy) and never noticed that she was giving you shots. The thing you hated most? The bright light. Even though you had sunglasses you were freaking a bit, but that also could have been the numbing stuff numbing your face. Unfortunately we will have to do this again in a month, but getting to stay home all day will hopefully make up for it. Gatorade the Devils own brew!

We are on our 3rd session of swimming lessons and you decided that you didn’t want to wear a bubble. You don’t want to be an Eel, you want to be a Ray and Ray’s don’t wear bubbles. You actually managed to swim across the pool without a bubble. We could only see your eyes but you did it! All of your stroke work went out the window as you just tried to keep moving forward and that’s ok because I am so FRELLING proud of you!!!!

We started reading the Boxcar Children. You loved it! So much so that after the dentist’s office we hopped into the Library and grabbed the next 2 in the series.

I accidently deleted your profile of Harvest Moon Magical Melodies. You wanted me to delete my profile but I convinced you that I would play nothing else but HMMM until your profile was back to Year 3, with all the stuff you had and more. I have researched the shit out of this game and I am in it to win it baby! Plus, this game relaxes me. It is mindless fun. Don’t get me wrong it’s no Dragon’s Age, but believe it or not? Sometimes I don’t want to take part in wanton slaughter (most of the time, just not ALL of the time). Don’t worry Ahn, you will have your level 2 Barn, level 3 house, 3 cows, 3 sheep and by GOD you will have not 1 but 2 horses or my name isn’t me.

Finally, last Friday daddy picked you up, when you got home you came running in to see me. “I have a present for you” you said and started unwrapping it.

“It’s for you to have hot coco or tea in”

I LOVE YOU. Sometimes I think these 3 words aren’t enough to express how earth shattering much I love you. But I do.